Sales service

-Provide professional grinding wheels sales services, complete planning of delivery time and goods packaging and delivery, so that customers feel the most intimate and most practical service.

-The main service items include conventional grinding wheel, resin cutting grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel, various polishing and grinding products etc.

After-sales service

-If the goods are defective or lacking, we will replace them free of charge

-If there is any doubt about the use of sold products, we will provide a specialist for explanation and introduction

-After purchase of goods, there will be regular telephone or on-site inquiries and services by the commissioner

-Customers who purchase products regularly will give exquisite gifts from time to time

Customized Grinding Workpiece (Special Specification)

In addition to providing standard grinding wheels, SAWADI also provides customized services for different grinding processing level and improves the quality of grinding and product manufacturing. Besides grinding and polishing grinding wheels, SAWADI also provides many products related to polishing and grinding for you to choose from.

OEM/ODM production support

Targeted to part of regular products, SAWADI provides packaging and trademark designers with long-term cooperation, providing one-stop service for your products, helping you not only to take good care of the quality of product, but also to add points for the appearance design.

OEM production of packaging
We provide all kinds of regular production products for you to choose from, affixed by your trademark.

Provide professional suggestion and instructions

SAWADI provides professional knowledge related to grinding and polishing as well as suitable grinding workpiece and advices each time when we serve our customers

Instant online service

The advent of smartphones not only changes the habit of people’s life, but also greatly changes the traditional way to trade business, which is different from the traditional paper written quotations. SAWADI combines the current communications software with online shopping platform to tremendously save consumption time of contact as well as escalating customers’ understanding towards products, letting each other complete every matter more quickly.

What is online instant enquiry service?
The online consultation service mainly hopes to combine professional product knowledge with e-commerce to serve customers more quickly.

Is there any charge for online consultation?
The online consultation service is free of charge and we’d love to provide relevant information and samples for customers’ reference test.