Grinding wheels and Specification grinding wheels Sale Service

We offer professional sale services, complete date of delivery and product packing for our dearest client. Sawadi believe enterprise is exist for this society , if the purpose aren’t serve for public ,even big scale of enterprises aren’t mean succeed. The service that we provide isn’t only guarantee for the quality of product , also we will delivery punctually for “sure”.

Customization grinding wheels and burnishing abrasive product

Sawadi not only offer normal standard grinding wheels, we also offer different kind of processes according to our client. Provide customization service and promote the quality and speed of processes grinding at same time. Not only burnishing abrasive wheels are been provided, Sawadi offer many different kind of burnishing abrasive product to help for selecting.


Sawadi focus on hardware store and wholesaler, provide OEM produce service, client can possess own brand and size in need.

Provide suggest of burnishing abrasive, product description and online consulting

product description and online consulting
Sawadi online consulting, most of customers prefer this way different from traditional one, we omit many complicated processes, improve the speed of the system to make it more convenient, provide most professional and most correct knowledge of grinding wheels and samples immediately to client for probation and understanding.
Did it have to charge for online consulting?
Online consulting is for free, this is our pleasure for providing information and samples of grinding wheels, also offer best products for you.
How to using online consulting?
Thank for supporting for Sawadi, welcome to contact us by calling, email or Skype, we will give feedback immediately.。