Flap Discsoft

New flat soft emery cloth wheel with increased
sharpness and resistance is on sale now.

Diamond Cutting

Diamond slice with strong cutting, low consumption,
and hugely increased safety factor.

If a workman would
do his work well,
he must first sharpen his tools.

SAWADI provides you the best services,
products, and the most affordable price.

Eye-Observe your needs
Ear-Listen to your needs
Hand-Complete your needs

Focus on completing your things
  • SAWADI escalating comprehensive customer services!

    To provide quicker and more comprehensive services, we say goodbye to out-of-date telephone and facsimile and welcome the current APP, LINE, and FACEBOOK to get in touch with our customers.
  • Unity is Strength!

    We look forward to long-term cooperative relationship to co-operate SAWADI and co-serve its customers.
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Look for cooperative relationships

Why choose us?
Special-scale and customized products

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