Thoroughly tempered,
tempered forged as steel.

Integrate production and sales, possess high
ability of produce and sale brings
you more brilliant product and integrated news.

Engage for these ten years

SAWADI adhere to the idea from the beginning,
we regard as small enterprise, every clients regard
as big man. Treating every clients earnest by
heart is what we want to maintain and adhere.

SawAdi Grinding Wheel

SAWADI believe “Grandness comes along with dream of
mankind,” foresight come along with “you”.
Due to we see father thus we come closer.

One step of enterprise
will be hundred steps of mass.

Sustainable operation and sustainable exist are
the aim that enterprise and mankind would pursue,
use more care exchange sustainability of next generation.

    Traditional business combine with technology, SAWADI now is “on track”. Thank for supporting for these ten years, we will service scrupulous to each of clients.

    Celebrating SAWADI in Thailand for 14 years, we cater Chinese New Year, more and more promotions and special price will be provide to break out the recession. Welcome to calling for consult.
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Employee Hiring

Position: Salesman, Sales Assistant, Warehouseman

Why choose us?

Even more product and technique of us.

Why choose us?
Performance Upgrade

Assist clients to upgrade function of equipments.